Strategy #1 of 7 is what I can the VANILLA… It's very simple and the most common. Sometimes known as buy and hold or set and forget. In saying its simple, majority get it wrong.Why? Because many people get emotionally involved and judge something based on how it looks and not if its going to perform as an investment.Many get it wrong through buying negatively geared investments or buying close to where they live.Best place to buy with this type of strategy? Where there is a housing shortage, continued demand and a low amount of building approvals in the pipeline.Get it wrong your investment may not increase in value. Get it right and you could achieve 10-20% GROWTH after just 12 months. In fact i've seen 40% after 12 months.Generally we aiming for 15% higher valuation after 12 months with this strategy.Click the link to chat further about our location

Posted by Luke Bailey on Saturday, February 2, 2019

Many regional hubs are going to do exceptionally well over the next few years purely based on the fact that people are looking for affordability and lifestyle.If you could buy something half the price, have a better house, bigger house, better lifestyle, have plenty of space and no pollution but still get to a CBD within 25 minutes would you do it?Logic would say most people would. This is why we have bought in some regional hubs and they have been killing it. Gone are the days that you simply always buy in a blue chip suburb.Yes there are going to be blue chip that perform very well but its going to be the areas where people can afford to live there.Just like anything things take years to change, but we are already seeing the signs. You have to think 5-10 years ahead.

Posted by Luke Bailey on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Having no money or no ability to obtain a loan doesn't mean you can't invest in property. There are many options available.One of the best ways is to team up with someone that has something that you don't have, and you have something they don't have.This is just one scenario, there are 100's out there that I have seen work.No money, No job, No education, No whatever are only excuses remember. Think differently and you'll get a different result.

Posted by Luke Bailey on Sunday, January 27, 2019

BIS oxford ranks Adelaide number 1 for capital growth out of cities.Adelaide is one city we are focusing on ( also parts of Tasmania ) But why?BIS oxford study supply and demand. Supply levels are super low and buyers are high. Vacancy rates are around 1% in Adelaide lower than any other mainland city with Canberra.Unemployment has dropped more than any other state in the past 12 months. Days on market are reduced. Along with Hobart Adelaide is also the most affordable.We just secured a house in an area where VR is 0.4% and the purchase price was sub $250,000If Adelaide is predicted to jump 12% in the next 2 years ( by 2021) according to BIS, what will the superstar suburbs achieve?click the link below if you would like to know more about how we go about

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The rental boom that’s coming! Rents will rise a lot why???? Let me explain. There are 2 main reasons, I only cover one hereReduced investor lending, less rentals available= higher rents.Not to mention if labour get in and reform negative gearing that will add fuel to the soaring rents.If I was to have a stab, potentially up to 40% rise in some areas.we have seen that in Hobart. Click the link below to see where we are

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Buyers vs seller market? Which one is the best to buy in? There’s advantages of both. Buyers market you can negotiate a lot more. Sellers markets is tougher but capital growth will follow sooner.Click the link below to talk to the experts in buying

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If you want the easy life you have to make decisions that the masses avoid!It’s harder now with lending and income to property prices ratio for the average person to own 10 plus properties.The good news you don’t need too. Just a few well bought assets will be enough to pick and choice what you do with your time.I had a client who semi retired after they secured their 5th property.What’s your thoughts how many do you need?

Posted by Fourtier Property on Monday, December 10, 2018

What happens if you can’t find the property your looking for? Go offmarket!We are buying in the toughest markets in Australia! Very very low stock levels of good properties. Watch the video to see how we buy properties that knowbody ever sees!Click the link to find out how we can help you buying

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